With a Business Debit Card you can make Purchases at Millions of Locations Worldwide. 
Order a card for yourself and your key employees, and use it everyday and everywhere - you can make purchases at millions of locations worldwide. You’ll receive an itemized listing of all transactions on your monthly statement, so you can monitor employee spending. Other great benefits include: 
  • Elimination of Petty Cash:  You and your employees can use the card for everyday business expenses (like office supplies, gasoline, or business lunches), so you won’t need a petty cash account.

  • Safer Than Cash or Checks: Most purchases made with your debit card (including computers, fax machines, and other business equipment) are automatically covered by theft and damage protection, plus extended warranties.

  • More Control Over Company Expenses: Each month you’ll receive a listing of all transactions on your monthly business checking statement, so you can monitor employee spending, identify potential tax deductions, and fill out expense reports.

  • Saves Time: You can use your business debit card to quickly make purchases in town, by phone, or online and you won’t have to wait for lengthy check approvals. Simply swipe the card and sign or enter your pin. You can also use your card to make deposits, check balances, or transfer funds.

  • Travel and Emergency Assistance Service: Cardholders also receive free travel and emergency assistance as well as access to cash in over 190 countries and territories.

  • MasterCard easy Savings: Cardholders will receive savings offers from participating merchants.  Simply register online at www.mastercardeasysavings.com.
    Lost or Stolen Debit Card? 
    Report Immediately by Calling (806) 894-2265 during normal business hours, or (800) 528-2273, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!!! 
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